Yogi - Strawberry Granola Bar - 60ml


Strawberry Granola ejuice by YOGI Eliquid 60ml is a blend of sweet and savory honey granola oats topped with ripe strawberries, creating the perfect fruity all day granola bar vape flavor.

Is there a better flavor marriage than juicy strawberries and crunchy, honey-infused granola? If this taste combination sounds irresistible to you, Strawberry Granola Bar ejuice by YOGI Eliquid is going to be your new favorite. Packed with tasty flavor that will undoubtedly keep your snack cravings at bay, each puff tastes just like a bite of a tasty granola bar stuffed with sweet strawberries.

Strawberry Granola Bar ejuice from YOGI Eliquid is the perfect snack flavor for when your sweet tooth wants something earthy and satisfying. The yummy granola flavor that YOGI Eliquid has managed to develop is packed with a sweet and savory taste that is guaranteed to hit the spot as soon as you take a puff.

As you inhale Strawberry Granola Bar ejuice, delightful strawberry flavor with its tangy and sugary notes will wash over your palate and satisfy your fruit cravings immediately. As you exhale, yummy granola flavor will dazzle the tongue as sweet honey gives the sweet tooth a hug.

Strawberry Granola Bar vape juice comes in a 60ml thin unicorn bottle and is available in three nicotine strengths. It has a MAX VG base, allowing you to chase the biggest clouds possible.

Looking for the ultimate vape juice to curb your snack cravings? Strawberry Granola Bar ejuice from YOGI Eliquid is going to deeply satisfy your taste buds just like a freshly-baked granola bar dripping with strawberry goodness.


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